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Languages meet Sport at YELL2 Conference

“Languages meet sport” was presented at the YELL2 International Conference, which took place in Birmingham (UK) from 2nd to 5th October (...)

Leader Comunicare Interculture
It is a communication agency founded in 1987 with a special focus on intercultural communication. Currently it focuses on EU project design, coordination and management and training especially in the fields of communication, sport and active and healthy ageing.
The mission of the agency is to promote effective intercultural relations between people and generations and change management.

Communication across cultures and generations
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Management Interculturale

To compete in the global market today, companies need to be able to cope with cultural differences, take into account the different expectations of their clients and understand their different behaviours and approaches to business.

Local markets have different histories, traditions and values that manifest themselves in different ways of doing business. They may have different communication and leadership styles, different ways of conducting meetings and negotiations, different hierarchical relations and different perceptions of time and deadlines.

Intercultural skills and culture sensitivity become an added value that enable you to interact effectively when working with people from different cultural backgrounds.
The "Cultural Glasses"

People see the world through their own cultural values, attitudes and assumptions that make up their “cultural glasses”. Since culture is the “grid” through which people interpret the world, different cultures see and interpret the world in different ways.

International people need to develop attitudes and skills that enable them to interact effectively and in a way that is acceptable for people from different cultural backgrounds.

Intercultural Communication

To speak good English or different foreign languages is important in international business, but in a competitive market it is not sufficient.
When you communicate effectively, you respond appropriately to the expectations of your clients who have different work and life style values.
Intercultural communication becomes a key competence in a market dominated by diversity.
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