Lifelong Swimming ‘60&abouts’ Photo Exhibition

Lifelong Swimming ‘60&abouts’ Photo Exhibition was inaugurated  at the Bruno Bianchi Swimming Pool (...)
Pills of Lunga Vita Attiva – Cycle of seminars to “train” for a long future

“Pills” for a long active life restart with a dense and interesting new program. The first pill is “pink” (...)

  • 2014 Erasmus Plus Sport “Lifelong Swimming” to promote active ageing through swimming
  • 2013 EU LLP Project “Healthy Ageing and Master Swimming” to promote active ageing through swimming
  • 2012 EU LLP Project “Languages meet Sport for Regional and Minority languages”
  • 2010 EU LLP Project “Languages meet Sport” to promote intercultural dialogue through sport
  • 2009 EU LLP Project “Languages meet Sport” to promote language learning through sport
  • 2008 EU Socrates Project “Swim the Language” A Language competition on line
  • 2008 EU Comenius Project “Charta Nostra” Education to European Citizenship, coordinated by the ECOSE Agency (GR)
  • 2007 EU Socrates Project “Sail” Promoting languages at the America’s Cup”, coordianted by the Unversity of Valencia (ES).
  • 2004 EU Leonardo Project “Multimatch” Training Course for Students’ Mobility Professionals” coordinate by Move (Mobilità e Orientamento verso l’Europa)
  • 2003 EU Socrates Project “A Journey into the Italians” Intercultural Communication Course into the Italian system
  • 2000 EU Leonardo Project “Eurotrama – Intercultural Negotiation Skills for the Trade Union”
  • 1997 EU Socrates Project “Comunicating beyond stereotypes”, Intercultural Communication Course for mobility students
  • 1994 EU Lingua Project “Curriculum of Italian and English Business Language Training for smes”
  • 1992 EU Lingua Project “Audit on the Language needs of Smes in Friuli Venezia Giulia”

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